The conference was excellent - I had a great time and learned a lot at my first (and definitely not last) RMWC!!

Just want to send a special thank you for all the behind-the-scenes work, including getting my Wednesday Southwest flight cancelled -- it ended up being one of the best ski days of my life! I really appreciate you all working your magic and going the extra mile.

Rebecca J. Rubenstein, MD

Chief Resident & Faculty Development Fellow University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine

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"The lymphedema symposium was excellent! It was the best conference I have attended, and I have attended many. I learned a lot! Thanks to all!"

Connie McKnight

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My industry experience with Well Assembled in my previous role in oncology, was always so wonderful! Fast forward when I started with Reflow Medical in 2021, I started to review our conference presence and came to realize that Well Assembled also managed many meetings in the cardiovascular space! It was such a wonderful surprise in addition to feeling some ease because I felt like finally knew someone in the field. As you can imagine jumping to cardio from oncology was a big leap, so it was really nice to have some familiar faces to work with.

As someone from industry, coming to a meeting managed by Well Assembled has always been first class. Everything is very professional, timely, and yet very personalized. The communications are timely, locations are wonderful, agendas are engaging, and it’s just so polished. I could go on and on but honestly, I have never seen an unhappy person (physician or industry) at their meetings. 

Cindy Roll, Marketing Manager

Reflow Medical


"Thank you very much for the organization of TDLES symposium in Greece.

The symposium was excellent from any point of view and of very high level, as leaders experts from all countries and mainly from the United States showed what is newest in the diagnosis and management of chronic wounds and of vascular diseases.

I also thank you for the opportunity that you gave to younger doctors from Greece to attend the symposium and be sensitized in order to engage in research on the topic.

I also warmly thank Jennifer Castle and Jennifer Cheetham for the excellent organization of the event and the collaboration we had during the last year."

Professor Nicholas Tentolouris, MD

Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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“Thank you so much for an incredible afternoon at this year’s symposium. In the 5 years that I have been working with LE&RN, I have never had such a warm welcome nor such a receptive audience. The entire experience has lifted my spirits and galvanized me to continue the struggle to find a cure and in the interim, find meaningful ways to help those who suffer with LE, have a better life.

Congratulations to you and your staff.  Jennifer, from Well-Assembled Meetings, was so kind and had everything a girl could need on hand. I so appreciated that as we hit the ground running! I hope to come back for a visit in the near future when I’m back on the East Coast.”

Kathy Bates

LE&RN National Spokesperson