Cerebral Vascular Biology

CVB 2019 will be a forum for scientists from around the world to discuss their cutting edge research on CNS barriers, particularly the blood- brain barrier (BBB) and blood-cerebrospinal fluid-barrier (BCSFB). This will be the continuation of a very successful conference series that was initiated in 1992. The last three conferences took place in Montreal, Canada (2013); Paris, France (2015); and Melbourne, Australia (2017). The CVB conference is returning to the US after 16 years of absence as the most important conference related to cerebral vascular biology. The participants will discuss current and future research surrounding cerebral vascular biology, including development of the brain barriers, drug transport and delivery across the BBB and BCSFB, the role of brain barriers in the etiology and pathology of neurological diseases, and therapeutic strategies to reverse these diseases by targeting the BBB and BCSFB. The emphases will be placed on novel nanotechnologies of drug delivery into the brain and clinical research on disorders involving cerebral vasculature.

This exciting program will therefore attract national and international delegates with an interest in vascular biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and pharmaceutical science, all with the ultimate aim of promoting the brain barriers as key in maintaining brain homeostasis and contributing to disease processes. Active participation of trainees and minorities will be strongly encouraged.

Organization of CVB 2019 is a collaborative effort between the University of Miami, Florida International University (both in Miami, FL), and Academy of Physical Education (Katowice, Poland).

About CVB

For over 25 years, CVB has been a growing forum bringing together scientists and clinicians with a common interest in understanding the role and function of the CNS barriers in health and disease. Since the inaugural meeting at University of Minnesota in 1992, CVB has been held in various regions of the world including North America, Europe and Japan. In 2019, CVB is returning to the United States after 16 years.

CVB is a biennial meeting supported by International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS), an international scientific and educational not-for-profit organization which:

  • Encourages, promotes and advocates scientific and clinical research on the biological barriers in the CNS.
  • Accumulates information about barriers in the CNS and promotes its dissemination to scientists, physicians, patients, policy makers, and public and private funding agencies.
  • Educates the general public and medical profession about the existence, diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the barriers of the CNS. Further information about IBBS can be found at http://www.ibbsoc.org/.