The STREAMpae course is the first meeting focused only on Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE).  The meeting is very focused on this singular procedure and the techniques and tools needed to be successful.  Well-Assembled Meetings has worked with STREAMpae since its beginning in 2017 (First meeting is planned for January 13, 2018).  This one-day course features information for Interventional Radiologists on BPH and LUTS explains why and when to use PAE techniques.  The course also emphasizes the tips and tricks  for microcatheter manipulation through difficult anatomy from transradial and femoral access points.

Course Directors:

  • Ari Isaacson, MD
    • Assistant Professor of Vascular & Interventional Radiology University of North Carolina
  • Sandeep Bagla, MD
    • Vascular Interventional Radiologist @Vascular institute Virginia
    • Adjunct Associate Professor University of North Carolina

Meeting highlights include :

  • 1 day format
  • Overview of the PAE procedure, proper tools and patient selection
  • Discussion on management of post-PAE patients
  • How to identify and work around prostate arterial anomalies
  • Radial vs Femoral Access
  • Case Review Collaboration – discuss a multidisciplinary approach to PAE

Meeting is intended for:

  • Interventional Radiologists who have the clinical capacity to perform PAE, and who want to gain thorough knowledge about all aspects of the procedure, from patient work-up to post-PAE care.
  • Radiologic Technologists (RT)
  • Nurses (RN) who work in Interventional Radiology


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